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Property Solicitor

SMSF Property Purchases

Self-managed superannuation funds (SMSF) are the growth sector of the superannuation market.

These same SMSFs are increasingly forming an integral part of many clients’ overall estate planning.

Increasingly clients are buying property within their fund as well as establishing borrowing facilities within their superannuation funds to gear into property.

SMSF property lawyers Dunwoodie Legal have been able to assist many clients with property acquisition strategies for their SMSF.

Having vast experience with estate planning has ensured that we are also looking at the complete picture of that client’s estate planning position we dealing with their SMSF.

You will see below a detailed list of our SMSF services:

SMSF Property Services

Establishment of your SMSF
SMSF Property Transactions
SMSF Property Sales
Establishment of trust structures within your SMSF
Attending to necessary documentation for death benefits and related issues
Estate planning adyice incorporating SMSFs