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Estate Planning

Estate Planning and Your Wills

While your wills are still the central document in connection with your estate planning, it is only one of the documents that you will typically need.

You will see in other pages, we address such issues as Power of Attorney’s and Guardianship and Adyanced Health Care Directives.

Even your wills though can vary from quite a simple document, to something that may well incorporate a testamentary trust to give your estate added asset protection from both creditors and also
wayward beneficiaries.

Once again you have worked too hard to think that your hard earned assets could be lost due to something like a bankruptcy of a beneficiary of your estate.

The testamentary trust can also potentially offer certain taxation advantages to your surviving family members, due to the income splitting potential of a trust of this kind.

Unfortunately in today’s society there are many people who are out get a share of the wealth you have worked a life time to accumulate, so prudent estate planning is vital.

Increasingly with the rise in self-managed superannuation, your wills have to be prepared, fully considering the implications of your SMSF as well.

At Dunwoodie Legal, we strongly believe that you should be reviewing your estate planning on a regular basis to ensure that you have taken into account your changing circumstances, but also the changing circumstances of your beneficiaries as well.

You will see below a detailed list of our will preparation services:

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