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Business and Commercial Law

Sydney Commercial Lawyers – Business Transactions

The purchase or sale of a business is a major decision in your life.

The sale can be the represent the realisation of years of hard work, so you want to ensure that the sale is properly structured and documented. Particularly if you are selling the business to retire or move on to another chapter in your life, you don’t want issues from the sale to come back to haunt you later on.

The purchase of a business is equally important. You need to know that what you thought you were buying, is what you get.

No doubt you know of friends or family who haye made mistakes at both of these critical times that resulted in losses or one form or another.

At Sydney commercial lawyers, Dunwoodie Legal we have dealt with many business transactions over the years and there are not many issues that we haven’t seen before. You will know that at this critical time you have an experienced commercial lawyer firmly in your camp ensuring that all legal issues are dealt with.

One of the big complaints business people have with lawyers is a lack of commerciality in their business dealings. At Sydney commercial lawyers, Dunwoodie Legal we understand that commerciality is paramount and will work to resolve issues that can inevitably arise, with your best outcome constantly in mind.

You will see below a detailed list of the  business transaction services provided by Sydney commercial lawyers, Dunwoodie Legal:
Purchases and sales of businesses
Advice to franchisees
Review of franchise documents