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Asset Protection

How would you feel if your business were sued and all of your assets including your family home, assets you haye worked a lifetime to accumulate, were lost?

No doubt like most of us you would be devastated. Those situations put pressure not only on your finances but also on relationships. Unfortunately we have seen situations like this that could haye been avoided or the circumstances considerable improved had some time been spent on asset protection planning. It is not only business people who are at risk, company directors assume potential liabilities and even householders haye potential liabilities that can lead to financial loss. Like all of these situations, we firmly belieye that planning and regular review can substantially reduce your risks. At Dunwoodie Legal we have your asset protection firmly in mind when advising you on your financial affairs. We will constantly be thinking about your business structure, who or what should be the owner of your assets, whether you should consider an asset protection trust, any potential risks with family relationships, how your finances are structured and secured and so on.

All of the things that can easily be overlooked by a busy business person. We will help you to navigate your way through the myriad of risks that can impact on your finances. We hold to the adage that “prevention is better than a cure”, so we find that with many of our business clients we are regularly discussing their plans and current transactions they are contemplating, so that they are organised to their best advantage.
You will see below a detailed list of our asset protection services:
Advice to company directors on asset protection
Advice on business structures including an asset protection trust
Advice on structuring business contracts
Advice on asset ownership Integrated advice involving consideration of estate planning and family law.
Regular asset protection health check
Partnerships Agreements and Shareholder agreements
Executive employment agreements